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Researcher at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, University College Cork, Ireland

Another Guest Post

Welcome to blog contributor Roberto CastaƱeda Lozano, whose post on Financial Markets, Random Testing and Constraint Programming describes a system he developed as part of his Master’s thesis (which won a prize by the Swedish AI Society this year). Two … Continue reading

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Welcome to the First Guest Contribution

The next blog entry will be a guest contribution by Luis Quesda from 4C, who describes joint work with David Lesaint, Deepak Mehta, Barry O’ Sullivan and Nic Wilson on a prototype call control system developed by a joint project … Continue reading

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Preview of Applications at CP2010 in St Andrews

Just a short note on the upcoming CP2010 conference in St. Andrews. It is a good year for constraint applications, with quite a number of application talks at the conference. I’ve got the following list from the conference programme: Tuesday … Continue reading

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Bandwidth on Demand

Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) describes a network management problem, where users can request large amounts of bandwidth, but only for some fixed time interval. The network management tool must find out if such a request can be accommodated on the … Continue reading

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Short Article on CPTV

The work on CPTV (Constrained-Based Personalized TV Schedules) was sponsored by the Commercialization Fund of Enterprise Ireland, one of our national funding agencies, with support from the European Regional Development Fund. In the July/August issue of EI’s magazine, Technology Ireland, … Continue reading

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Reader opinion wanted

Please tell me about application areas you want to see more about. This will help me to focus on areas of interest to you!

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Train Crew Diagraming

This probably was the most complex and complicated project I was ever working on. And while we delivered the product and met the specification (we even got the bonus payment for solution quality), the system was never used operationally. The … Continue reading

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