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Car Sequencing

Henry Ford is often quoted as saying: “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” In the early years of using assembly lines for his model T, uniformity of product … Continue reading

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Progressive Party

This is a benchmark problem which was introduced in 1995 by Brailsford, S., Hubbard, P., Smith, B., Williams, H.: Organizing a social event – a difficult problem of combinatorial optimization. Computers Ops Res 23 (1996) 845–856. The problem is to … Continue reading

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Packing Squares into Rectangles

This is is a benchmark problem suggested by Richard Korf. The task is to pack all squares of sizes 1×1 to NxN into the smallest possible rectangle, i.e. into a rectangle with minimal surface. As the problem size increases, this … Continue reading

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Routing and Wavelength Assignment

This is an application from the network design and management domain. In an optical network, traffic demands between nodes are satisfied by finding colored paths from a source to a destination. The number of colors available on each link is … Continue reading

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