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Intelligent Cabling System for Buildings

This post describes one of the early industrial CHIP applications, the LOCARIM system presented in “Serge Bourgault, Jean Pierre LePape, Gregor Baues, Frederic Deces, Daniel Mailharro, Frederique Terk. LOCARIM – Software for Designing Network Cabling in Buildings. In the 4th … Continue reading

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Building Fighter Aircraft

Most scheduling tools are intended for operational use, to control the sequence of production in a factory on a day-to-day basis. The MOSES application described before is a good example of such an operational tool. The PLANE system described in … Continue reading

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More on Crude Blend Optimization

I’ve got some feedback from careful readers noting that I did not explain the crude blending optimization problem very well. I thought I would get away with it 🙂  I’ll try to do better, becoming a bit more technical. By … Continue reading

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Oil Refinery Scheduling

Oil refineries are quite likely the most complex factories for which I have ever developed constraint-based scheduling tools. They often consist of over 50 distinct processing units, each specialized for a particular task in converting crude oil into gasoline, kerosene … Continue reading

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Operational and Strategic Manpower Assignment for RFO

The OPTISERVICE Application was developed by COSYTEC and the software house GIST for RFO, the French Radio and TV network for its overseas departements. RFO retransmit the metropolitan TV and radio programmes in the overseas departements (time shifted as required … Continue reading

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Nurse Rostering

Hospitals are very large organisations, with hundreds or even thousands of medical personnel working in a large number of specialised departments and wards. Instead of solving the personnel assignment for the whole hospital in a single step, it is commonly … Continue reading

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Feed Mill Scheduling System

Feed mills are quite large factories which produce hundreds of tons of products on a daily basis in a highly competitive market. Feed is produced locally, with farmers calling up the mill during the day and expecting a delivery on … Continue reading

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