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Train Crew Diagraming

This probably was the most complex and complicated project I was ever working on. And while we delivered the product and met the specification (we even got the bonus payment for solution quality), the system was never used operationally. The … Continue reading

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Open Flight Repair for Air Crew

Allocating air crew (flight deck and cabin crew) to cover the flights of an airline is typically done with a large-scale rostering application, which are often based on column generation techniques, resulting in very large-scale set covering problems. These tools … Continue reading

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Planning Catering Personnel for TGV Trains

The EPPER application was developed for the French catering firm Servair to manage their personnel assignment for the restaurant and bar services in the TGV Atlantique. This TGV service runs from Paris to Rennes, Nantes and Bordeaux and continues to … Continue reading

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Operational and Strategic Manpower Assignment for RFO

The OPTISERVICE Application was developed by COSYTEC and the software house GIST for RFO, the French Radio and TV network for its overseas departements. RFO retransmit the metropolitan TV and radio programmes in the overseas departements (time shifted as required … Continue reading

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Poultry Transport Planning

In the food processing industry, poultry (chicken and turkeys) are grown on a large number of farms in the vicinity of the food factories. When the birds reach a certain age, they are transported to the factories, where they are … Continue reading

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Progressive Party

This is a benchmark problem which was introduced in 1995 by Brailsford, S., Hubbard, P., Smith, B., Williams, H.: Organizing a social event – a difficult problem of combinatorial optimization. Computers Ops Res 23 (1996) 845–856. The problem is to … Continue reading

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Nurse Rostering

Hospitals are very large organisations, with hundreds or even thousands of medical personnel working in a large number of specialised departments and wards. Instead of solving the personnel assignment for the whole hospital in a single step, it is commonly … Continue reading

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