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Financial Markets, Random Testing and Constraint Programming

Nowadays, all major financial markets use computer trading systems to support their trading activities. Because failures in these systems can cause serious economic damage, reliability is a top goal in their development. The complex functionality that trading systems deliver makes … Continue reading

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Context-Sensitive Call Control using Constraints and Rules

Telecommunications services like instant messaging or internet telephony bring increased flexibility to communicate at home, in the office or on the move. Their pervasiveness is also a source of disruptions and intrusions. Service providers are therefore looking for personalisation solutions … Continue reading

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Building Fighter Aircraft

Most scheduling tools are intended for operational use, to control the sequence of production in a factory on a day-to-day basis. The MOSES application described before is a good example of such an operational tool. The PLANE system described in … Continue reading

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Production Planning and Scheduling for Monsanto

We developed the ATLAS application at COSYTEC together with our Belgian distributor OM-Partners for the Monsanto plant in Antwerp. The application was designed to plan and schedule the formulation and bottling of the Roundup product family. Roundup is a Glyphosate … Continue reading

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Packing Squares into Rectangles

This is is a benchmark problem suggested by Richard Korf. The task is to pack all squares of sizes 1×1 to NxN into the smallest possible rectangle, i.e. into a rectangle with minimal surface. As the problem size increases, this … Continue reading

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Routing and Wavelength Assignment

This is an application from the network design and management domain. In an optical network, traffic demands between nodes are satisfied by finding colored paths from a source to a destination. The number of colors available on each link is … Continue reading

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