Applications in this blog built using ECLiPSe are shown here.

ECLiPSe is a another constraint programming system based on Prolog developed at ECRC (European Computer Industry Research Centre) in Munich. It combines features of earlier Prolog development at ECRC (ECRC-Prolog, Sepia and CHIP). Its key ideas are that new solvers over new domains can be easily defined inside the language and that hybrids, combining multiple solvers in one application, can be written relatively easily, using mechanisms provided in the system.

Development moved from ECRC via ICL to IC-Parc at Imperial College London, where much further development was performed. Ownership passed to the start-up company Parc Technologies Ltd in 1999. ECLiPSe was then acquired by Cisco Systems in 2004 with the sale of Parc Technologies Ltd. Cisco decided in 2005 to make ECLiPSe open-sourced, it is available under a modified Modzilla licence. The standard reference of ECLiPSe is ECLiPSe: A Platform for Constraint Logic Programming by Mark Wallace, Stefano Novello and Joachim Schimpf. ICL Systems Journal, Volume 12, Issue 1, May 1997, pp. 159-200. A list of publications is here.

I was working at IC-Parc and Parc Technologies from 2000 to 2005, using the ECLiPSe system for developing applications. In 2009, I developed an ELearning course for ECLiPSe as part of a Cisco sponsored project.


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