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Train Crew Diagraming

This probably was the most complex and complicated project I was ever working on. And while we delivered the product and met the specification (we even got the bonus payment for solution quality), the system was never used operationally.

The problem is about train crew diagraming for the regional trains services in the north-west of England, centered on Manchester. Most trains used are diesel-powered units like this one:

NWT Type 153 at Carlisle (from Wikipedia)

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Open Flight Repair for Air Crew

Allocating air crew (flight deck and cabin crew) to cover the flights of an airline is typically done with a large-scale rostering application, which are often based on column generation techniques, resulting in very large-scale set covering problems. These tools generate a roster for a 4 week period or for one month, while running for several hours or even days.

SAS MD-80 (from Wikipedia)

What happens if the published schedule breaks, either because of illness of some crew member, or because some flight connections can not be reached in time, due to delays of earlier flights? This is where the TAP-AI application comes into play, a decision support tool for day-to-day management of “open flights”. Open flights are flights for which one or several previously allocated crew members will not be available. Usually, a replacement crew must be found with the right qualifications, and he must be notified in time to reach the flight, including all briefing and preparation tasks. At SAS (Scandinavian Airline System), finding solutions for these open flights was done by hand, a difficult, stressful job.
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Electrical Distribution Network Maintenance and Reconfiguration

The application I want to talk about today is described in “Constraint-based Maintenance Scheduling on an Electric Power-Distribution Network by Tom Creemers, LluĂ­s Ros Giralt, Jordi Riera, Carles Ferrarons, Josep Roca, Xavier Corbella,  in Proceedings of The Third International Conference and Exhibition on Practical Applications of Prolog, Paris, April 1995.”

Distribution Network Substation (from Wikipedia)

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Better Access

I’ve added two three new entries in the menu at the top:

  • Classification A classification scheme based on an old paper of mine. Current topics are Assignment, Scheduling, Transport, Personnel, Network and Other.
  • Constraint Systems lists all constraint programming languages used by the applications in this blog. The entries provide a bit of historical background, as well as links to their current status.
  • NACE Codes shows the top-level hierarchy of the EU-wide classification scheme for economic activity with links to all applications in each category. This should allow you to find applications in particular domains more easily. More detailed NACE classifications are available from the category list on the right.

If you have suggestions on how the entries might be classified for improved access, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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Intelligent Cabling System for Buildings

This post describes one of the early industrial CHIP applications, the LOCARIM system presented in “Serge Bourgault, Jean Pierre LePape, Gregor Baues, Frederic Deces, Daniel Mailharro, Frederique Terk. LOCARIM – Software for Designing Network Cabling in Buildings. In the 4th Symposium on Premise Wiring and LAN for Smart Buildings. Lisbon/Estoril, Portugal, May 1994.Continue reading

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Planning Catering Personnel for TGV Trains

TGV Atlantique

The EPPER application was developed for the French catering firm Servair to manage their personnel assignment for the restaurant and bar services in the TGV Atlantique. This TGV service runs from Paris to Rennes, Nantes and Bordeaux and continues to other stations along the different lines, see the route network below. Continue reading

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